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Hummus Sandwich...12,5
Lettuce | artichoke | feta | walnuts | Roma tomatoes
Tuna Sandwich...9,5
Lettuce | black olives | Caperberries | wasabi-mayonnaise | red onion
Cheese Sandwich...9,5
Arugula | honey-mustard | pickle | Roma tomatoes
Ox Sausage Sandwich...12,5
Arugula | mustard | Amsterdam onion | pickle
Croquettes on bread...8
Hummus Salad...14,5
Artichoke | feta | dressing | Roma tomatoes
Burrata Salad...15,5
Olive oil | balsamic | pine nuts | sundried tomatoes
Tuna Salad...13,5
Tuna Salad | wasabi-mayonnaise | black olives | Caperberries

Bacon & Cheese burger...12,5
Grilled bacon | cheddar | fries
Chicken breast | crispy cornflakes crust | fries...12,5
Chicken breast | crispy cornflakes crust | fries
Tex-Mex burger...14,5
Guacamole | salsa | sour cream | jalapeño's | fries
Jack Daniels burger...16,5
Double burger | grilled bacon | cheddar | BBQ saus | fries

Fries with mayonnaise...4,5
Especially for us, the local butcher made the perfect burger. For vegetarians the Vegetarian Butcher has did his best for us. Just let us know what you prefer. All burgers come with fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and our own BURGER SAUCE.
Vegetarian burger?
All burgers (except for the chicken burger) can be ordered vegetarian (+ €2,-)
What is burger sauce?
This sauce imported from the USA is creamy and fresh at the same time. It is made with tomato, onion, sunflower oil, vinegar and mustard seeds.

Bitterballen beef or vegan (+ 1,-)...9,95
10 pieces
Mixed snacks...11,5
10 pieces
Cheese spring rolls...11,5
10 pieces
10 pieces
Beef stew with fries...11,5
Fish 'n Chips...16,5
Fried fish fillet | fries | remoulade | salad